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Ely Hero Awards 2018

Ely Hero Awards 2018

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Ely Hero Awards 2018

We all know Ely and the surrounding villages are great places to live and work. MetroRod (Cambridge), an Ely-based Drain Care and Drain Maintenance company wanted to shine a light on the heroes in our wonderful community who are the most compassionate, determined, honourable, kind, supportive and brave - an inspiration to us all. Reflecting the spirit of this, the idea of the very first Ely Hero Awards was born in 2017.

This inaugural event was the brainchild of Naomi Sherwood, Business Development Manager of MetroRod (Cambridge), with a fabulous team in support; Infiniti Graphics as co-organisers and designers, Sadie Finch Virtual Assistant helping with all admin and collating of the nominations, and The Ely Standard Newspaper as the media partner.
Ely Hero Awards banner
Ely Hero Awards banner
Ely Hero Awards brochure
Ely Hero Awards menu
Ely Hero Awards pen
Ely Hero Awards leaflet
Ely Hero Awards poster
Ely Hero Awards ticket
Ely Hero Awards ticket
Ely Hero Awards website

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