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Wednesday, 24 January 2018 14:13

Why good graphic design is important to your brand

So you ordered a fancy new thing from Amazon and it has arrived! Much excitement! What’s one of the first things you notice about your purchase? Aside from the product itself, maybe it’s the packaging, the insert, product spec or technical info? You probably don’t do this at all, but I like to see the full picture; does the accompanying documentation and design match the product? And how easy is it to use? Perhaps you’ve seen a flyer from a colleague in the service industry and you don’t really understand what’s on offer.


Why does design matter? 

People often underestimate the importance of good design when promoting a product or service. It can be eye-catching and attention-grabbing (sometimes for the wrong reasons!), but does it contribute to the overall brand of the product and business? 

Whether consciously or not, design is the first thing people notice before reading a word, so it’s important to make the right and consistent impression to your buyer. Graphic design should have a significant impact on your target audience so they…  

  • take notice;
  • are aware of who you are;
  • know what you’re selling; and eventually 
  • buy from you.

Getting it right is essential and that doesn’t happen by accident. As with logo and website design, an effective process needs to be in place to ensure clients leave with graphic designs that work for their business. 


We use a four-stage process for graphic design:

During the design brief and proposal, we establish the scope of your project to provoke ideas that help us understand your values and how we can reinforce your brand image. 

We focus on what's important to your business by researching your brand and industry, along with what your competitors are doing. Because content is key here, we'll work with you to plan the layout and design around your words. 

Then a draft design is created, with an idea or two that fits your visual identity. Together, we‘ll fine tune the direction of the design before finalising. 

Finally, before launch, we perfect every aspect of the design, refining details, tweaking colours and layout, to ensure you’re happy. 

Read more details about the process of graphic design. 


Applications for graphic design

Graphic design encompasses many mediums and each should be considered separately as they may have differing requirements. Examples include: 

  • Print – leaflets, brochures, packaging, stationery, signage, Point-of-sale (POS), illustrations, Photoshop, etc.  
  • Digital – website graphics, social media headers and images, email signatures, e-newsletters, illustrations, etc. 


Sometimes a tweak here and a little refresh there can have very positive effects on marketing materials and help clients to stand out from the busy crowds.


If you’d like to discuss a graphic design project with us, drop us a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01353 882111. You can also find out more information on our graphic design service here.

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