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A logo may seem like a fairly standard part of your business that you don’t have to worry much about. You might think it doesn’t take a lot of work to design one yourself or get a cheap online provider to knock one up for you in an hour.

Creating a logo yourself is fine when you’re starting out, but when it’s time and you want to get serious about growing your business and promoting your brand, it may be the right time to hire a professional designer. They will create a fresh and modern brand to market your product or service.


What a designer brings to the table

Designers have a wealth of experience. They get this from constantly critiquing logos and appraising graphic design wherever they look, much more often than the average person does. Designers know what looks good and what could be improved.

What do designers bring to the table?

  • Experience and knowledge in design - designers know how to give your logo and brand a personality by using colours, psychology and design tricks.

  • Technical expertise - designers know the differences in image resolutions, file formats, vectors and everything you need to optimise your logo for websites and for print - yes there’s a big difference!

  • Specialist tools and software - designers use applications specifically made for graphics and logo design to create unique logos.

  • Inspiration and direction - designers learn about your brand objectives and turn them into visually stunning logos and marketing collateral.


What you are paying a designer for

With their expertise and know-how, designers provide a lot of value that you may not have the time or the skills to explore yourself.

Brand Research

Research is key for any type of design project. This is where the designer starts to gather information about your business, industry, who you are, what you do and how you’re perceived. They research competitors, trends and themes so they have a good background on where to start.

Colours and themes

The designer will analyse all the information and inspiration provided to find the most appropriate colours, themes and palettes that match your brand and personality. Your business and its offering is a big part of this.

Create something original

Designers find out which logos and brands clients love as it helps to understand their personality. They use this knowledge and perhaps a feeling, to create something unique from the inspiration.

Take on feedback

Designers want to be sure you love your logo, so feedback at each stage of the process is hugely important. And because the designer is external to your business, they are in a unique position of providing insights you may not have considered.

Optimise for web and print

Designers know how to set up files in the correct format for different uses. They understand that a file for print of a roll up banner is different to a Facebook cover graphic.

Create an overall brand

Designers have the ability to create a set of elements and make them work in a cohesive brand. All the business collateral on the web and print will fit together into a recognisable brand identity.


The process of creating a logo

We want to know everything about your business and what makes your product or service stand out, so we are in a better position to design your logo with confidence. To capture this information, we ask clients to complete our design brief which gives us useful insights on how to progress your logo design.

To learn more about our logo creation process, have a look at this blog post and this page on the website. Get in touch if you have any questions or queries.  


If you’d like to discuss a branding design project with us, drop us a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01353 882111. You can also find out more information on our graphic design service here. 

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This is a different blog post to my usual ones, but I want to share the content of a recent voicemail with you. I received a call from a lead when I was out of the office in a meeting one morning. They said,

"I'll be honest, I haven't gone and taken a second quote, because I get a very good feeling about working with you... if you get a good feeling from someone, that's all you really need!"

It made my day! I love it when you connect with someone, their business and their values. When the good feeling you get about potentially working with them is reciprocated. It reassures me that I am doing the right thing!  

For reference, prior to this call… 

  • we met once at a networking meeting 
  • we talked on the phone and they completed our design brief
  • we discussed the brief on the phone
I’m pleased to say they are now our client. Because of the work we have done together in preparation for their visual brand and website, the client loved and approved our logo design from the first draft. I was really pleased and I wanted to share this with you!
Also, head here to see the work we've done for this client!
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