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Thursday, 09 January 2020 14:31

Website design trends in 2020

As we enter a brand new decade, we are looking for the newest website design trends of 2020! Below, we have listed our top predicted web design trends for this coming year.

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Friday, 29 November 2019 15:50

How web design impacts user experience (UX).

Your website is very likely to be the first point of contact you will have with many potential customers, and as you know, first impressions count. This means it is very important that you get your User Experience (UX) just right.


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I have been the tea boy, sorry, I mean apprentice at Infiniti Graphics for three months and I am thoroughly enjoying it! I’m working on websites, implementing SEO techniques, running the company’s social media and Google Ads campaign - that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I am studying for my level 3 qualification in Digital Marketing at the same time. I am doing the apprenticeship through 3aaa who have been really helpful and I would recommend them to anyone looking for an apprenticeship!


The “difficult” first month

My first month flew by, I settled in very quickly and helped run the Google Ads campaign by the end of the first week! This was a big step for me. I felt I was starting to understand it and was already building my own strategies for implementation.

My boss Luke, was very keen to teach how the business worked and how everything is done, as transparency is a big thing for him. I was surprised with the trust put in me from the beginning, but it was great to have responsibilities and not be wrapped up in bubble wrap.

In week two, I had taken control of the social media marketing for the business! This included finding articles to share, creating posts, displaying our portfolio and also creating designs to display testimonials from our lovely clients.

After week two I felt like I was completely settled in. I was finishing tasks by myself and had input into some of the work we completed! In week three, we had a student from Ely College come in for a week of work experience. I was tasked with teaching him what I had learnt from my apprenticeship so far. This was a great learning experience as it wasn’t something I had done before. At the end, he said he really enjoyed working at Infiniti Graphics and that he had learnt much more than he thought he would. Click here to see our social media post about Toby’s experience.

On the 25th June 2018, the annual Ely Hero Awards took place. This was a great event to be a part of, as it is community-based and all the heroes were nominated by the public for their contribution to the community. I loved taking part and seeing how an event like this runs. I was the photographer on the night and the photos I took made it into the local newspaper! I am very excited to be apart of the Ely Hero Awards 2019 and have already put forward a few ideas to make next year even better.


On a roll in month two

At the beginning of my second month, I published my first blog post called ‘6 Ways to keep your website up to date’. For this I had to create a brief, by researching the subject online and find related websites to link to in the blog, as well as finding key points to talk about. The brief was then sent to Sail at As In Boat who wrote the blog post for Infiniti Graphics. It was then sent back to me and after checking through it, I posted it on our website using the CMS (content management system).

I am now in charge of all our social media and that means keeping on top of posting useful content regularly. This is a big task as we post daily, but since I started running it, our interactions have grown 18 times from before! This was a HUGE success and I’m proud to have been part of it.


Building websites in month three

In the third month, I widened my knowledge as Luke and Greg walked me through how a website is built. Greg and I worked together on a client’s website. My main role was to help Greg with the layout of the website, adding content and images, linking all the pages together and making sure that all the links worked. This was amazing to be a part of, as it is a big part of my apprenticeship course.


What’s happens next…

Next month, I will be attending the East Cambs Skills Fair at Ely Cathedral on the 9th October with the team. It will be great to talk to students and explain my role in the company. As I work in a very creative area, I think the students will be very interested in what I have to share!

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