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How exciting. You have a social media page live on the interwebs and people are going to flock to it to get the lowdown on you and your business. You can now engage with your audience and widen your company reach. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, people aren’t going to automatically come to your social media page without being taken there from your posts. It is important to be consistent online, sharing useful and sometimes entertaining post to make that happen. You can do it, take it slowly.

BUT there are a few things you can do yourself to help your visitors take notice and hopefully act on, like –

  • find out more on your page

  • visit your website

  • email you, or

  • call you to arrange a meeting.

Here are five practical things you can do to make your social media page eye-catching and effective:

1. Make sure your image sizes are correct

If your header and profile images on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are poor quality or are the wrong size for the space, it will make your business look unprofessional and visitors may look elsewhere.  

Check out this simple, yet detailed guide from Sprout Social that is regularly updated with the correct header and profile image sizes for all the main social media websites.

If you are looking deeper into Facebook, have a look at Neil Patel’s guide to creating great cover photos.


2. Source or create original images

If you’re a regular website and social media surfer, you will have seen a number of stock images used over and over again by many different businesses. It can get boring and visitors can get ‘stock photo fatigue’.

Creating original, branded images for social media will grab people’s attention and engage them more with your post, page and articles. You can make these yourself using Canva or you can get a professional to help you ?


3. Be bold with fonts and colours

Your brand may have an original and professional main font you use in your business which talks your industry talk. On social media, your (and your business’s) personality is conveyed through your communications, which includes the fonts and colours you use in images and photos.

Don’t be afraid to try new and bold styles to attract attention. Of course, fonts and colours shouldn’t be a complete departure from your brand (step away from Comic Sans, I’m watching you), but an extension of it with a more personable style. Perhaps a handwriting font would work, perhaps not. Have a play with your styles and ask your closest clients for their opinions on what works for them.


4. Create custom illustrations

If you really want to stand out, get an experienced illustrator or designer to create some original images for you to use on social media. These could be caricatures of you and your staff, processes, explainers, events or anything original and eye-catching you have been inspired by on your social media timelines.

Fun and interesting illustrations promoting your business will get more clicks, but the important thing here is to provide a full and detailed brief to your designer, so you’re both literally and figuratively, on the same page. Talk with them about what your objectives are and that will help you get the imagery you need.


5. Use GIFs in your posts

GIFs have been doing the rounds online for a few years now. You cannot avoid seeing them all over Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. But they do make you stop and watch,  more often than just text or photo only posts. Most are funny and some informative, but provide a great tool to show the more human side of you and your business.

There are great tips on this page on how you can make your own GIFs.

You can do all of these things yourself and they shouldn’t take too much time, but if you’re not a budding designer or you don’t know your RGBs from your CMYKs, then we can help you. We can create Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn cover images, social media images or striking illustrations. We can help you choose the colours and fonts that are the most appropriate for your business on social networks.


Get in touch with us if any of that is of interest to you.


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