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Thursday, 01 November 2018 14:22

What is a brand story? And why you should have one!

Having a brand story helps create a personal connection with your clients and customers, injecting trust into your business relationships. A brand story will show your clients a history of your company and how you’ve grown into the business you are now, as well as showing the history of the reputation you have gained.

If you’re looking to buy a new phone, what brand might you tend to lean towards? The chances are it’s Apple. This may because of the functionality and features of the product, but also (maybe subconsciously) because of the story and ethos behind Apple. How it all started from an idea in Steve Jobs’ mum’s garage to being the influential technology giant it is today.

Being able to create a good brand image comes from having a great story behind it - the work you have put in, your business achievements, your impact on the community etc. Everything you as a business has achieved is part of your story.

Why did you decide to do what you do, where did that passion come from? Say you run a restaurant, where did your passion for serving amazing food come from, why did you decide to have a restaurant rather than just working in someone else's? These are all questions you need to ask yourself and know the answer to for your brand story to be effective. Everyone knows that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, there are always bumps along the road. When you’re thinking about and creating your brand story, don’t leave these out, it shows you’re only human and that will create a genuine connection with your clients.

Show them, don’t tell them.

Showing your customer your brand story rather than telling them may sound quite tricky, right? All it means is you have to be able to make them see the story rather than just telling them, they need to understand for themselves how you got to where you are, they need to see the hard work you’ve put in, see your passion and understand why you do what you do. This may take shape in the form of a blog or on your ‘about us’ or ‘why us’ pages of your website. Add images and videos to make the content dynamic. Make it visual for people to see!

Make sure to be consistent in your story

People like to talk, so making sure your story stays consistent is very important. You don’t want people talking about your company and getting the details different from multiple people… Chinese whispers style!  This can lead to customers losing trust in you and your business, as they may feel that what they've heard is false. Facebook lets you add your story to the about section of a business page, which is a prime opportunity to connect to potential clients. Include details that you might on your website, and add photos and links. You can find ours here

Make your clients part of the story

Your clients and customers are your biggest asset. Show off your clients and what they’ve achieved with your help. Share their content and they might share yours. It's all about creating a brand image and reputation among existing, as well as new clients.  Share the future of your company - where you want to take the business, why you want to take it there and how you're going to do it. This will help you attract the clients you want to work with. Another great way to involve your client in your story is to maintain a portfolio of work. This is a great opportunity to showcase what you’ve done and is a chance to create an interaction on social media. Check out our portfolio of work here.

Our design brief is a really good starting point to answer some of the questions we’ve raised in this post. You can find and download yourself a copy of this here.


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