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We love to create clean, modern and intuitive websites. Each website is structured around your content, as the best solution for your business. All of them are designed and tailored to meet your requirements and you’re with us at every stage of the process, from research and development, right through to the finished build.

Mobile-friendly (also known as responsive), search engine optimised (SEO) and built for all leading browsers as standard, a website designed by us will enhance your professional online appearance. We build websites to help you attract and engage more customers, with the ability to edit the content from any modern browser on a mobile, tablet or desktop. We provide full training, including one-to-one or group training sessions, as well as videos and documents.



A Content Management System (CMS) puts you in control. You can change images, switch promotions, add a few words or a whole new page.


Using a shopping cart, you can manage stock and orders, and make regular updates through the admin panel to streamline the online experience and boost sales.

Design brief & Proposal

It can be daunting knowing what you want your website to look like, what functionality it needs and who you’re targeting. Our design brief allows us to work with you to establish the scope of your project, provoking ideas you may not have had and helping us understand exactly what you, and your audience, need from a fully designed self-editable, responsive and search engine optimised website. From what we've learned in the brief and to put your mind at rest with knowing how everything will be achieved, we produce a project proposal and quote.


Research & Planning

Content is key and we'll work with you to plan the site structure and layout around this. We also look at your business and industry, who you are, what you do and how you’re perceived, along with researching similar websites and competitors. This research allows us to uncover a single key message, call to action or purpose needed for a website to be successful in engaging with and converting leads, as well as reinforcing the brand identity in design.


Design & Build

When we have a clear vision from our research and planning, we start to produce a fully working site to develop and edit the design, layout and functionality within, helping to reduce the project lead time. We will review and optimise your content before implementation, taking usability and SEO into account. To keep the process concise, we like to work through three drafts, giving you the opportunity to make changes and revisions at each draft stage, before moving onto finalising.



As the website nears completion, we will finalise and perfect every aspect - refining detail, checking links, tweaking styles - to ensure you’re completely happy before going live. Once a launch date is confirmed, we complete a checklist of Search Engine Optimisation criteria, including adding Metadata (keywords and descriptions), cookie policies and speed optimisation, as well as arranging user training. We also enable Google Analytics and submit sitemaps to Google Webmaster for indexing.

Almost everyone who owns a smartphone, tablet or laptop use it to browse the internet, so having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. All our websites are responsive as standard and without any extra hidden costs. This means your content will resize to fit any screen, providing your customers with a unified experience whichever device they use. Google loves responsive websites so boosts their rankings in search results.
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Search Engine

Our websites are Search Engine Optimised and built for the usual browsers as standard. We think carefully about your site's structure to ensure it's optimised to appear as high as possible under the most relevant search terms. We will review and optimise your content, complete a checklist of Search Engine Optimisation criteria, including adding Metadata (keywords and descriptions), cookie policies and speed optimisation, as well as enabling Google Analytics and submitting sitemaps to Google Webmaster for indexing.

Visibility is key in boosting organic traffic, and we provide the best practice on-site optimisation which is the most beneficial to increasing visibility and helping you rank higher. We also give advice on how to increase your Search Engine performance, such as updating a blog and using Social Media to drive organic traffic to the website - after all, if people don't know about the website, what more is it than just a brochure in a cabinet! We make sure nothing gets missed.


SEO as standard


Fully optimised sites



Our high performance cloud server is perfect for your data-driven website, including CMS and eCommerce solution. All your data is stored securely and accessible only to you via your site’s admin panel. Our hosting package includes the hosting of your website files, regular auto-backups and supply of a secure speedy service. We also include domain management and email hosting at no extra cost!


With our website hosting package, we offer complete domain hosting and management - just tell us the domain name you'd like and we'll purchase, hold and manage it. If you prefer to host and manage this yourself, no worries, it won't affect your website being built and hosted on our server, we'll make sure it's all patched up and pointed to the website once it's ready to go live.


When we host and manage your domain on our server, we can supply and set up email accounts at no extra cost. These can be synchronised and accessed anywhere and on any device. Of course, if you'd like to host emails elsewhere, even when we host your domain, we can point this to your desired mail server, ready for you to set up your own email accounts.